Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Library Week Library #1

Every Semester we spend a week visiting libraries. We call this week Library Week. This year we are doing our visits over the 2 week period Amy has off work. I have asked Emma to report on each library as we visit them.

Here is our first installment . . .

Here is Emma's report:
Name of Library: St. Charles Library. St. Charles, IL.

Something I liked: I liked all the Animal Ark Books they had.

One thing I didn't like: They didn't have one of my favorite books, Bunnies in the Bathroom.

A book I read while I was there: 2 Minute Mysteries by Donald Sobol author of Encyclopedia Brown.

Dad asked me to ask the Librarian a question. Lucy said she would, so I followed her with my

Lucy: Knock Knock

Librarian: Who's There?

Lucy: Emma

Librarian: Emma Who?

Lucy: Emma Kayrene (My Middle Name)