Thursday, August 16, 2012

So Many Posts, So Little Time

One thing I have discovered in my many years of blogging is that bloggers can be very obsessive.  This comes out in many ways but one is the sheer number of blogs one blogger will have.  I am no exception.  In the past 4 years I have started 6 blogs for myself and 4 for my children.  Some of this is due to finding an adequate platform but most of it is due to sheer craziness.  This blog was supposed to be a blog for our home school itself and has largely gone unupdated.  Because of hoe busy I have been lately (working a full time job in the evenings, taking a class 2 days a week and home educating the kids) my time for blogging has become less and less.  I have hopes that some day my children/students will be able to maintain this blog with just occasional assistance from myself.  Until that happens or I become less busy, I am putting this blog on hiatus. 

Dave for the Izola becker Community