Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Samwitch by Emma

Emma: Balony again! Why doesn't mom choose liver sausage insted?

Samwitch: Hey! Don't insult me!

Emma: Sorry! I thought you weren't listening. But why do you just have to be balony?

Samwitch: Hey! Don't blame me for being a different kind! Besides, I thought you liked balony.

Emma: My sister does but I don't.

Samwitch: Oh! I thought she liked liver sausage.

Emma: She doesn't but I do.

Samwitch: Oh then I got mixed up! I'm sorry! Will you forgive me?

Emma: Yes, I forgive you. But tell Mom I like liver sausage, okay?

Samwitch: Do you mean you're not going to eat me?

Emma: Yep! I have extra money for cafateara food.

Samwitch: Yea!

Emma: Good bye!

Samwitch: Good bye!


Emma: Good, liver sausage! I don't have any more money.

Samwitch: Oh Man!

Emma: Well good bye!

Samwitch: Good Bye!


  1. Lol! that is funny, M am velvet97 and I do the kids write thing on my other blog.

  2. SO funny. You did a wonderful job on this assignment. Keep up the great work.