Sunday, September 26, 2010

2010 2011 Week 5

Here is what happened this past week:

Typing, Math, Handwriting: Business as usual. I am giving away a copy of the Mavis Beacon program we use for typing at my other website. Click here to leave a comment to enter in a chance to win it.

Co-Op: The kids all enjoy their classes and I enjoy assisting in classes without actually having to teach any.


My first full week with Spider Droid's Saxon Phonics Intervention went very well. We have decided to do 5 lessons a week which means we will either do a lesson on the weekend (as we did this week) or do an extra lesson in the evening since Monday is filled with Co-op and Awana.

Bunny Girl is pretty self contained with her English lessons. So self contained I didn't even look at them this week. I know she is progressing cause she made me take her to the library last week so we could do some research on an assignment. I plan to grade her work tomorrow while the kids are at Awana.

This was kind of a heart wrenching week for Amy and I as Princess Puppy is now on the verge of reading better than her brother. She is really doing very well with the learn to read in 100 lessons book. Spider Droid does seem to be progressing with the new program.

History - We studied the Old Testament patriarchs this week. One aspect I like about this Mystery of History program is that each week they not only quiz on what was learned that week but they also quiz on previous weeks as well. This week the kids were able to put all the people, places and things (nouns) they have learned about so far in correct chronological order.

Science - We have started to study mussels this week. The kids really enjoy their science lessons and I am looking forward to their muscle experiment we will do at the end of the lessons.

Field Trips and Extras - Last week I told you about stations. On Thursdays I give both Spider Droid and Princess Puppy Electric Company Station. What I will do is have them each watch different episodes of the 70's version of the show. This reinforces the reading phonics instruction they are receiving during the week and also is quite a but of fun.

We went on our first field trip of the year on Friday. Amy was able to take a 1/2 day and go with us. We went to an Apple Orchard between our house and where my SIL lives. Afterwards we went to see my Nephew in the Musical Annie. Click here to read my review of this fantastic show.

Well that's our week in review. Head back to Weird UnsocializedHomeschoolers to check out more Weekly Wrap-Up.


  1. Stopping by from the weekly wrap-up. I don't think I have seen a homeschool dad post before!! Great week! I hope your Spider Droid progresses well- we have had a similar situation twice in our line up. Thanks for sharing.