Friday, December 23, 2011

Library Week - The Lisle Brary

Each year our family spends a week or so visiting libraries.  We love libraries and most o' the things associated with them.  We are not keen on overdues, but that's a post for a different time.  Yesterday we went to Lisle, Illinois for my mother-in-law,s surprise 70th birthday party.  While we were there ,we visited our first library of the Library Week Season, which is actually taking place over the 2 weeks of Amy's Christmas break.

Today's visit took place entirely in the children's section of the library.

On Our Way

Puppy noticed this first because it's at kid's eye level

We did some reading and checked out the amenities.  There is this cool program where patrons can check out the Lisle Crocodile stuffed toy, bring it on their vacation, snap a photo and post it here,

and also have a FB page.  Kudos to the family that took it to another Library.

While the children's section is not as big as some we've been to, they do an effective job of maximizing that space.  I love that they have an x-box game for kids to play with. 

My kids appreciated it as well.

The patron Hamster of the library even came out of his Kleenex box to spend time with his adoring public.   I loved the little info sheet about the Hamster, that said he enjoys the novels of Harper Lee.  I love when adult humor is brought to a kid's section.  The Lisle Library, like many of the video games available there, is rated E for everyone.

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